Shoulder Impingement is a condition that causes shoulder pain. This is also known as shoulder impingement syndrome or swimmer’s shoulder because it’s common in swimmers. It’s also common in other athletes who use their shoulders a lot, such as baseball or softball players, tennis & who are lifting weights, doing gymnastics.

The shoulder is a complex area that delivers as the meeting point of the upper arm, shoulder blade, and collarbone. The shoulder impingement pain is steady and generally gets worse when a person reaches up.

Best Shoulder Impingement Treatment in Hyderabad

What are the causes of Shoulder Impingement?

Overuse is the main cause of shoulder impingement. If you use shoulder repeatedly that can make the tendons in your shoulder swell, stiffness & throbbing in the shoulder.

Shoulder Impingement is the common thing for those who regularly perform overhead movements, which may include the following activities:

What are the Symptoms of Shoulder Impingement?

The primary symptom of shoulder impingement is sudden pain in your shoulder when you lift your arm overhead or backward. Other symptoms include:

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Treatment for shoulder impingement includes:

Physical Therapy

Dr. Om Prakash Agrawal is the Best Shoulder Impingement Specialist in Hyderabad with vast experience of over 25 years in the field of Shoulder Impingement. He completed his MS (Ortho) postgraduate studies and training at MR Medical College in Gulbarga and also was a Senior Resident at Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences in Hyderabad. He held several faculty posts from 1990 to 1994. He has been practicing at Smt. Bhagwan Devi Hospital in Hyderabad since 1994, specializing in joint replacement & shoulder impingement.

Best shoulder impingement specialist in Hyderabad

Dr. Om Prakash Agrawal completed an AO Fellowship in Zurich, Switzerland, in Sep-Oct 2000. He has presented numerous papers at state- and national-level conferences, some of which have been published in medical journals.

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